Services and Prices


This is a small overview of our core services. 

We are also happy to help with other aspects that are neccesary for successfully realising your project. Just approach us with your special requirements at:

All prices listed are net prices plus 19% VAT.

Acount & access to the location archive Free
Option 30€ (35,70€ gross) (Only if location is available. Omitted on booked locations.)
Visit of an optioned location 60€ (71,40€ gross) per hour.
New Photos / Re-Scouting 60€ (71,40€ gross) per hour.
Location fee Every project is individually negotiated by us!
Commission 20% of the location fee, min. 400€ (476€ gross)
Equipment Rent hygiene and production equipment from our partner


Target prices shown with a location are made in assumption of an one day photo shoot (12 working hours from entering to leaving the location) with a team of max. 15 people with light equipment.