Locationhero guides you to the location of your dreams in three different ways:

1. Intelligent filter search: Sort through locations by category, motif and region to get a precisely fitting result as fast as possible.

2. Photo inspiration: Click through our entire collection of motifs on our starting page. There you will most certainly find what you are looking for - along with many of other ideas.

3. Individual consultation via email: Send your request to info@locationhero.de, together with an exact description of your requirements and, in the best case, a couple of mood pictures. Our staff will then compile a list of suggestions for you.

As soon as you have registered with Locationhero, you can request your desired location in two different ways:

1. Click the "Request Location" button in the window of your location. The location will now be saved in "My Requests". To make a binding request, open it at "My Requests". Now you can inquire about the availability of the location along with all other locations you saved here. From this point on, costs may occur! More information concerning this are compiled under "Costs & Payment".

2. If you first want to collect locations without any commitent, you can save them on your "Pinboard". From here you can also save them to your requests.


Once you have sent a request, you can not add or delete any further locations. This will require a new request! Therefore it will be easier for you to issue a combined request per project or shooting. This way you do not have to send the required project information multiple times.

The rental agreement for the location will be between you and the owner/manager of the property. In the run-up we will verify the availability and provide you with all necessary details. As soon as you have booked we will connect you with the property manager so that you can conclude the contract.

In exceptional cases (E.g. if you do not have liability insurance), our property managers insist on making the contract through Locationhero. In that case, we would inform you before you enter a fixed agreement since it would entail additional costs.

No. Bookings are exclusively made online through our website. To do so, confirm the proposal within your user account under "My Requests“.

You can discuss all questions with the Locationhero team through a chat function that will be made available to you for the duration of the ongoing request. When you have booked the location, we will connect you with the property manager or scout. From now on, you can discuss further details directly with them.

On every location request, we will check if you have a valid liability insurance. If your answer is "yes", you will have to be able to produce said insurance policy. If you don't have valid liability insurance for your production, the location contract will be made through Locationhero. For the duration of the project, we will provide you with a liability insurance that you will have to pay pro rata. For more information see "Services and Prices".

On your pinboard, you can collect your favourite locations. You can also create multiple pinboards with different names if you are looking for locations for more than one shooting or project.

Clicking the button "add to pinboard" will directly add the desired location to the pinboard of your choice. You can rename your pinboards, move and remove single locations or also delete whole pinboards. You can check the availability of single locations or all locations contained within your pinboard. To do so click the "Request All" button on your pinboard. Please be aware that there may be an option fee of 30€ per available location.


You can do this quite easily in your account settings. Here you can also change your user data and password.

Simply register here . You will shortly after recieve an email where you have to confirm your registration. Now you are ready to start: Browse through our locations, collect your favourite places on your pinboard or directly request your locations. If you want to create a scout account, please read "5. Scouts."

Cost & payment

Initally nothing! The Locationhero account and the motif search are free. As soon as you bindingly request a location that is available, we charge an option fee of 30€. If the location is not availabe, you naturally don't have to pay anything.

The option fee is also dropped if you subsequently book the location. To be precise, the option fee will only arise if you don't book the requested and available location. You can find a detailed list of our services and prices here.

The rental fee of a location depends on many factors, e.g. type and extent of the project, team size etc. For this reason there are no all-inclusive prices on Locationhero. Every request you make, will be negotiated by us individually. Some of our locations are displayed with a base price that is based on a one-day photo shoot with a small team of up to 15 people. If you want to know exactly if the selected location fits your budget, simply give us a call or drop us a line. 

You can pay your bookings on Locationhero with PayPal, via invoice or via credit card.

If you are not paying for the request or booking yourself, name the designated recipient of the invoice upon your request. In your account settings under "Address Book" you can also enter multiple invoice recipients beforehand.

Offer Locations

We are always happy to have new locations since we have customers with a very high range of wishes and demands. Just send us your data and pictures of your location via the "Become Property Manager" site. We will contact you as fast as possible.

You enter into a contract with the customer or production company, photograper etc. The contract includes the duration of the production (including build-up and breakdown days) and determines location fee/payment options, conduct on damage to the location, cleaning and handing over of the location.

If a customer is interested in your location, we will contact you as fast as possible to discuss the conditions with you. When we have your approval, we will notify the customer. They now have 72 hours to make a binding request or cancel the process. Please keep in mind that our customers often request multiple locations simultaneously to be able to choose from different oftions. Therefore an availability request does not always result in a booking.


We are always interested in new partners and exceptional motifs! If you are interested in working with Locationhero, contact us through the "Become Partner Scout" form.