We made location scouting easy - because we have been searching for years ourselves. Find the right location - as fast as possible. Create a moodboard for customers - ideally with great pictures of premium locations that also function. Be inspired - by exceptional rooms and places that can also be booked.

Locationhero is familiar with the challenges of location scouting because our team consists of photograpers, artists, location managers and experienced production staff. One day, we started to wonder if there was an easier, more efficient way of doing things. We wanted to create a platform where you could quickly and easily find a large selection of locations for movie and photo productions.

For that reason, we invited location scouts and property managers from all over Germany to present their premium locations on Locationhero. Artists, photograpers, movie producers and production companies can quickly find the right location within the steadily growing number of motifs - in images of such high quality that you can present the motifs directly to your customers..

Come and try if you also find it as easy as we do.
Have fun finding instead of searching!

Your Locationhero team

As Producer & Location Manager we have gained a lot of experience over the years, which useful tools and equipment one should definitely have with him on set - that's what we want to make available to smaller teams with setrent.berlin in the form of bundle offers.

The focus is on the practical use - when you pick up your hygiene station or your walkie case, for example, you can also book small water bottles for the Location Recce, the Unlimited 5G Internet or the "Daily Needs" Package.